About WP Wine Imports Inc

Why partner with WP Wine Imports? 

WP Wine Imports has developed a unique, import program to enhance the ability of small family wineries across Europe to reach the U.S. market. By developing relationships with specialty U.S. wine distributors WP Wine Imports assists these small, family wineries to reach the market in a more efficient manner. The U.S. is the largest wine market in the world and opportunities abound, the WP Wine Imports model was developed to allow more wineries to participate profitably in this competitive environment. 


Winegrowing and winemaking have changed dramatically over the past century, while wine distribution in the U.S. has not. The biggest change has been the massive consolidation in the distribution area that has limited opportunities for smaller wineries to navigate the market and reach the consumer. Our program is designed to minimize many of the roadblocks that both the European wineries and the specialty U.S. importers face in building a profitable business. 

WP Wine Imports is taking a big step in applying today's technology to the importer/distribution model to improve this process and increase its efficiency.

A winery that adopts the 21st Century model of WP Wine Imports distribution can reach a larger percentage of the U.S. market with less financial exposure and more frequent shipments to market.

Our Mission Statement: 

To connect US based specialty importers/distributors with family estates from around the world that produce high quality wines and spirits, while offering a unique method of fast delivery and of manageable quantities.

What additional services does WP Wine Imports offer? 

Webinar based training in which wineries can educate our client distributors salespeople about their wineries and the wines they produce. These webinars offer similar programs to retailers and eventually to consumers to increase market knowledge of our offerings.  


WP Wine Imports Inc is partnering with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in the fight against blood cancers. Having two blood cancer survivors as members of our team or family members gives us a deep understanding of the necessity of continued research leading to life saving advances in treatment. WP Wine Imports Inc will donate a portion of our profits to the LLS to fund this continued research hopefully leading to a cure or continued life extending treatments. Every purchase made by our partners aids in the battle to eradicate blood cancers.