"ALEIS" | ORGANIC FALANGHINA PUGLIA IGP  - The Falanghina grape had been abandoned over the centuries. Then, since it is one of the grapes not affected by phylloxera, it has been re-evaluated and now, frequently, it is raised ungrafted. Falanghina is grown well particularly in hilly areas, with a hot and dry climate. Its bunches are compact, with a cylindrical or conical shape.

The wine which comes from pure Falanghina grapes has a warm pale yellow colour, with light shades of green. The bouquet is pervasive, fine, crystal clear and never invasive; it is not an aromatic vine, but it knows how make itself loved.
Among fruity hints we find pear and apple; among the flowers: wisteria, broom and jasmine; there is just a hint of aromatic plants; among the spices we find: pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. The mineral and pleasantly acidulous notes come from the better lands, and further improve the bouquet giving the palate an aromatic richness and a special feeling in the mouth.
Falanghina is a perfect wine as an aperitif but it is well paired with starters, second courses of fish, vegetable soups, seafood pasta, white meat, fresh cheeses and seasonal vegetables.

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14 Cases
Warm pale yellow
Alcoholic Degree:
13.5 %
Serving Temperature:
46-50 ℉
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