In ALPONE Durello Giallo Extra Dry (Charmat), we can discern a specific feeling: trust, which is as intangible as it is strong and unshakable. Like a sparkling wine characterized by a fine but long lasting perlage. Trust is like the spontaneity of a friend you can count on. It is the security and light heartedness of letting oneself go and say “I trust you”. It shines and it is delicate. Just like this straw yellow color sparkling wine, delicate in the fresh fragrance of wildflowers and white pulp fruit. The flavor is velvety, lively, slightly fruity with a toasted hint and long lasting ending.

Ex Cellars Price Each:
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Minimum Order Quantity:
14 Cases
Grape Variety:
Durella, Garganega
Bright straw yellow color
Alcoholic Degree:
12 %
Serving Temperature:
42-48 ℉
Area of Production:
Veneto, Verona, Alpone Valley
Pruning System:
Guyot with 7000 grapevines per hectare