"CANUA" | SFORZATO DI VALTELLINA DOCG - Produced from “Nebbiolo” grapes (Chiavennasca variety), grown in long established vineyards under the direct control of the Conti Sertoli Salis.

When they are picked at the end of October, the bunches of grapes are carefully checked and only the ripest and healthiest grapes are taken to be made into wine. Depending on the quality of the harvest, the drying in the lofts is extended up to the end of January and the month of March of the year after the harvest. During this long period of conservation in cold and dry conditions, the grapes lose most of their weight because of the evaporation of their sugar content. There is a large increase in sugar concentration and some of the primary aromas of the grape are modified, also as a consequence of the appearance of the “noble mold” on some of the grapes.

The grapes are removed manually from the “mantavole” and pressed in a roller press without separating them from the stalks, which are now dry and woody. The must which is obtained has a concentration of sugar (25 - 28%) and for this reason, and because the temperature is still very low, fermentation is always very slow. The must ferments in contact with the skins for about 15 / 20 days.

After this it is pressed and the drained must is recovered. Fermentation continues without the marc until the sugars have completely disappeared, finishing with an alcoholic content of 15°-15,5°C. Decantation is completed between April and July, and the wine is transferred in 450 litre casks of French oak for the refinement and smoothness of the bouquet. This is always carried out during periods when the moon is waning. The wine is then put into bottles, where it rests for at least 6 months.

Ex Cellars Price Each:
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Minimum Order Quantity:
7 Cases
Grape Variety:
Deep ruby red, frequently with garnet reflections.
Alcoholic Degree:
15.0 %
Serving Temperature:
65 ℉
Area of Production:
Grown in long established vineyards under the direct control of the Conti Sertoli Salis.

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