Domaine Les Asseyras

Domaine Les Asseyras

If we look at the history books, we discover that in the Middle Ages there were vines on our land. 

Later,  in 1820, the Asseyras farm became a relay of horses  on the road linking Orange to Valréas and further on Dieulefit. The owner at the time was called Bourique, that can't be invented! We used to say as an anecdote: "you will sit down at Asseyras!"

Since 1937 we have been cultivating vines and transforming these precious grapes into wine. The sun of Provence, the Mistral are part of our daily life.

For 4 generations , our estate has always repeated the know-how of our ancestors.

Today the estate cultivates its lands from Tulette to Valréas,  which gives us a complexity, a palette, and a diversity of terroirs which give our wines its unique flavors.

Concerned about its environment, the Estate has been HVE (High Environmental Value) Level 3 certified since 2019. It strives to conserve and develop biodiversity, both natural and domestic.

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