The link between the Family Sacco and cultivation of agricultural products has ancient roots. It is, in fact, difficult to determine who was the first ancestor of this long-lived and large family of Torremaggiore to undertake to production of local food specialties. Already in the nineteenth century, there were some members of the family Sacco successfully engaged in the cultivation of grapes and olives.

More than a decade ago, to carry on the centuries-old family tradition, arrives Vincenzo Saco with his sons Matteo and Alessandro. These two brothers using modern and innovative technologies, produce wines, organic extra virgin olive oil and preserved in full respect of nature, aware that a bio-sustainable agriculture, promoting a healthy diet and a respectful life for environment, can stimulate a real return to the deepest origins of man.

Our organic vineyards and olive groves extend in a farm of about 20 hectares at the foot of the Gargano mountains, on calcareous-clay soils naturally suited to the cultivation of grapes and olives, lapped by fresh winds and brightened by a warm light that gives vitality and character to our products, that we are very pleased to introduce you to allows you to discover the taste of our corner of Italy.

The grapes varieties cultivated are: Nero di Troia, Bombino Bianco, Falanghina, Malvasia di Candia and Primitive; while the olive cultivars produced is Peranzana.

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