Familia Conesa

Familia Conesa

How is wine made? Or better yet, how do you make a wine so that it is exquisite and perfect?

This is how it is in Guijoso:

We start with a night harvest, at about 10 degrees. Once cleaned in the cellar, it is kept at a low temperature. Before becoming wine, the grape goes through the must phase. In this case, always in Pago Guijoso, flower must. But what is flower must? A slower but more natural process. There is no press, but the grape itself, due to its weight and gravity, lets out its juice.

Then it's time to ferment. First alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel. Finally, we will go back to steel or wood: depending on the variety and the wine we want to create. The cellar has more than 500 French and American oak barrels. 

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