DUE | Veneto Rosso IGT

Due Rosso - “Every sculpture has a double soul. One hidden in the raw material, the other moulded by the hands of the sculptor. With precise gestures and finesse he extracts the perfect beauty concealed in the material. In the same way, only with equal accuracy and finesse, a wine like Due Veneto IGT can be achieved. A product made from Merlot and Cabernet Franc variety which expects attention and pursuit of detail. The enologist’s job consists exactly in listening to the variety and the grapes answering the needs they express: in this case, a treatment which reproduces the technique of Ripasso.
The second fermentation – evoked by the name “Due” – corrects in fact any possible defect and leads to an excellent result.

To perfect beauty carved with the grapes”.

Ex Cellars Price Each:
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Minimum Order Quantity:
14 Cases
Grape Variety:
Merlot and Cabernet
Garnet red color
Alcoholic Degree:
Serving Temperature:
60-64 ℉
Pruning System:
Guyot with 7000 grapevines per hectare

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