LA NEULA | MADDUS VERMENTINO - In the Sardinian Gallura region, “Neula” is the name of a mountain that rises a few hundred meters from the fields where our olive trees grow, and where the rows of vines are lost to the horizon. Browsing around the ancient maps, it turns out that “Neula” is also the name of a street, the one that winds through the countryside and comes down to our land, inheritance of our maternal grandfather. Hence a name that embodies the bond with the land and their ancestors.

The brand La Neula is born in September of 2008 and is dedicated to the production of oil, olivesand wine. To these products we have also added honey and myrtle liqueur, one of the most typical icon in Sardinian wine and food, realized according to the traditional recipe. The choice to expand the variety of our products satisfies the need for continuous improvement.

In each “La Neula” product you can find flavors and scents of Gallura, reserved to the pleasure of the real connoisseurs and kept intact by completely natural harvest techniques and processing.

Ex Cellars Price Each:
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Minimum Order Quantity:
7 Cases
Grape Variety:
Straw yellow color
Alcoholic Degree:
13.5 %
Serving Temperature:
60-64 ℉
Area of Production:
Gallura Sardinia

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