LAGENA DOC | TINTILIA DEL MOLISE - 100% Tintilia - The "Lagena" Angelo D'Uva is a 100% Tintilia, an indigenous grape variety of Molise that is not very productive, but has recently been rediscovered and enhanced by willing winemakers. It grows in vineyards characterized by a clayey and calcareous subsoil, with the espalier system with Guyot pruning.

The "Lagena" Tintilia develops in the glass with a beautiful ruby ​​red color, crossed by slight more purplish references that can be clearly seen in the nail of the wine. The nose opens on delicate floral notes, then enriched by Mediterranean and fruity puffs, while on the finish there is also a slight more balsamic nuance. It enters the palate with slenderness and vivacity, highlighting a good body and an enveloping sip with good tannins; it closes with an aftertaste with a savory finish. A label that highlights an autochthonous grape variety typical of the hilly areas of the Molise hinterland, reminding us precisely how these varieties constitute the immense wine heritage that distinguishes the Italian wine offer from that of other European countries.

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Minimum Order Quantity:
14 Cases
Grape Variety:
100% Tintilia, an indigenous grape variety
Intense ruby ​​red with purple nuances
Alcoholic Degree:
Serving Temperature:
60-64 ℉
Area of Production:
D'Uva Estate Vineyard
Pruning System:
Counter espalier with Guyot pruning
Type of soil:
Clayey and calcareous

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