PERINATO | Soave Classico DOC

"Wines are statues that the oenologist carves by working the raw material that is their essence."
The material that animates the Soave Classico Doc PERINATO is volcanic, like the hilly terroir on which the vineyard of the same name has grown since 1990 .
Thus, this wine tells without delay a remarkable minerality, salinity and flavor that contribute to shape a decisive Cru. Volcanic.

“This wine is dedicated to the memory of our distant origins; In fact,Perinato is the surname that our ancestors wore in 1600 ”.

Straw yellow color with golden reflections. Aromas of yellow fruits, such as mandarin, apricot and Mediterranean essences, such as sage. On the palate it is rich, with well-balanced acidity and remarkable minerality with final almond sensations

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14 Cases
PERINATO | Soave Classico DOC
straw yellow color with golden hues
Area of Production:
Soave, Cru Pigno, Verona
Pruning System:
Verona pergola training system with 5,000 grapevines per hectare
Grape Variety:
Time of Grape Harvest:
handpicked in cases
Alcoholic Degree:

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