Prosecco Millesimato Brut Sparkling | DOC Biologico

Prosecco Millesimato Brut Sparkling | DOC Biologico - The crushing takes place in an inert enviroment, using azote until the must is obtained. During the first fermentation all the sugars are consumed and turned into alcohol, obtaing a product with 9,5%-10% of alcohol content. The wine is decanted, prepared, refined and goes on to the second fermentation made in pressurized tank for 4 weeks. The addition of sugars and yeasts allow the wine to re-ferment and become sparkling wine.

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Minimum Order Quantity:
14 Cases
Grape Variety:
Alcoholic Degree:
11.5 %
Serving Temperature:
46-50 ℉
Area of Production:
Prosecco Area of Veneto

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