Prosecco Millesimato Sparkling | DOC Brut

Prosecco Millesimato Sparkling | DOC Brut - Ideal as aperitif or in pairing with vegetables and fish tempura. These grapes are grown in the  Prosecco area of Veneto. Produced from 100% Glera

The story of Anna Spinato is the one of a Venetian family, animated by the passion for vines and the love for wine. Created by Pietro in 1952, today it is run by her daughter Anna who soon realized the potential of Venetian wines and decided to become an ambassador of the Italian wine in the world: a successful project, based on the fame and quality of Prosecco but capable of giving identity, value and prestige to the other wines of Veneto. Today, Anna Spinato is joined by her son Roberto and leads the expansion in the name of the Italian tradition. 

Ex Cellars Price Each:
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Minimum Order Quantity:
14 Cases
Grape Variety:
Alcoholic Degree:
11.5 %
Serving Temperature:
46-50 ℉
Area of Production:

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